Improve your cash flow with COBRA100

Automate your collections and dramatically reduce missed payments due to forgetfulness

Why do people fail to pay an invoice on time?

It is for one of three groups of reasons:

  • They forget or didn't see the invoice

  • They can't pay all the bills

  • They don't want to pay the bill

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Facilitate your customers to see your bills

COBRA100 automates reminders to your customers so they will never miss out another due date. Automate reminding them!

Set as many email reminders as you like. Just set for each reminder:

  • Number of calendar days to due date: negative numbers are used for past due invoices.

  • Subject prefix: make it easy to your customers on the subject line.

  • Header and footer for the message: the message will always contain invoice, amount and due date.

What if they cannot pay?

Most of the time, customers do have cash for several bills although not enough for all of them.

Sending reminders helps them to anticipate payment dates and plan ahead of time. It also increases visibility of YOUR bill, so it is more likely that yours would be chosen to be paid.

At any rate, COBRA100 will work for you to focus your customers on your service and your bills, reducing lack of payment of your invoices.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

What if they don't want to pay?

If they don't want to pay because your company failed in some way providing the product or service, you will know pretty soon after the reminders, so you can remedy the situation. Many times, regrettably it is only at this stage when you discover a quality problem. Without the reminder, the problem may be delayed too much!

If after all reminders and there is no problem with your service, they still do not pay, then it is a clear indication for a poor credit assessment, so COBRA100 will help reducing financial risk identifying these mistakes as soon as possible, after discarding the other reasons for missing payments.

COBRA100 is your bot-friend

Reduce hassle, time consuming calls, improve relations with customers, and finally, IMPROVE YOUR CASH FLOW.

COBRA100 is available for free for all customers using OTIF100 or FILLRATE100!

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